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  • Method of payment or transaction is received? We accept Cash (Rupiah Only), Debit Card (Local Bank) and Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard / American Express)
  • What products are sold in outlets gandrung Lombok? We sell t-shirts (singlets, shirts, long sleeve, settings), Dress, Dress, Trousers and short, hat, songket weaving, rang rang, bags ethnic, crafts, gloves, caps, accessories (Key chains, magnets, bracelets, necklaces, etc.). For our products more Click Here
  • What time Infatuated Lombok open and close? Every day starting Hours 8 am to 9 pm
  • Do Infatuated Lombok can send orders to other cities? Yes. Almost every day we send orders from outside the city through JNE / REX. You may contact us at the following link Click Here
  • Do Infatuated Lombok has another branch? Yes, we got a small kiosk next 1 Mataram Mall (Along the way there are Art shop). Jl Cilinaya no 5.